Beeswax Polish


Recently we (Joanne & I) decided to offer for sale 4 oz. tins of the traditional beeswax polish that I've made and used for many years on antiques and new work. It's made from pure beeswax and turpentine, and contains no other additives.

For surfaces which come into contact with food, children's furniture and toys or any surface needing a soft lustre rather than a more glossy polished finish, we also make a very pleasant "Salad Bowl Finish", also available in 4oz. tins.

The Beeswax Furniture Polish as well as the Salad Bowl Finish are available from West Wind Hardwood in Sidney on Vancouver Island. It's also available directly from my shop on Saltspring Island, or by ordering online.  The 4 oz. tins sell for $12.00.

For information on wax polishing technique, please go to our "Tips and Techniques" page.

To order: Please email me using the contact form here.  Let me know what you would like to order, along with your shipping address, mailing address and phone number. I will then email you an invoice via  PayPal which you can pay using either your PayPal account or credit card.

Please email us if you are interested in larger quantities for sizes and cost, or if you would like to retail these products.