Pressing & Backing Boards

A wide variety of these are available. 
Pressing boards are rectangular boards used in the nipping or standing press.
They can also come with a brass strip on one edge, and may be used for forming a french or library groove. The pressing boards shown are made from either quarter-sawn Beech or quarter-sawn Sapele, depending on availability. All these woods are very stable, and most unlikely to warp. 

Backing boards are wedge-shaped boards with a bevelled top edge, used with the lying press or smaller finishing press. The ones shown have a wooden top edge, but they can also come with a brass edge for durability. Gilding boards have recently been added. As with the pressing boards, only quarter-sawn wood is used for these boards.

Cutting boards are also available: they are the same as the backing boards but with a square edge (no top bevel). These are used with the laying press when cutting with the plough.

Sizes available: 

Pressing Boards: 11"x6.5"; 12"x8": 15"x10", as well as custom sizes.

Backing & cutting boards: All 4" deep, lengths 8", 12", 15" or to order.

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