Miscellaneous Tools


"Loaded Sticks"

Also called knocking-down sticks, these are useful when sewing signatures; sometimes it is desirable to reduce the thickness of the fold in order to avoid excessive swelling of the spine, particularly when using heavier thread or repaired (guarded) folds. A few sharp taps with the weighted sticks during the sewing process will consolidate the thread and flatten the fold. The sticks above are approx. 9" long and 1" square; they are leather covered and the striking section is internally weighted with a steel bar. The wood used is generally a dense exotic hardwood, probably Jatoba or Rosewood.

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Band Sticks

Used for smoothing and forming the leather coverings of the the raised bands on the spine. The grooved sticks each have two differently sized grooves; the centre (yew-wood) stick has  5/32" and a 3/16" grooves, and its neighbour has 1/4" and 9/32" grooves.  Other sizes are available on request. Sticks are of smooth polished hardwood, between 10" and 12" long.
The smaller stick has the same function, but has no groove.

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The "Sewers Friend"

Bookbinder John Lawson of Annandale, Virginia, suggested that I make this elegant and useful little tool. It's about 12" long, tapering to a fine point,  flat on the bottom and made of polished Pacific Yew.  John finds it invaluable for sewing signatures, where it can be inserted into the centre fold.

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