Back to the Workshop (roof):

A long summer’s cruising on the West Coast of Vancouver Island……..


…..was followed in September by workshop renovations to fix a chronic drip from the skylights:


This involved some quite extensive repairs to the roof deck…...


..…although fortunately the damage did not extend below the insulation to the lower decking or the rafters, so things could have been much trickier. In the end it needed some new 2x3 battens, new strapping and new sheathing in the top half.  The junction of the cedar shingle roof with the low-slope asphalt shingle shed-roof seems to have been the origin of the problem, along with the lack of vents in the upper portion which meant that there was no air movement to dry out any trapped moisture.

After replacing all the rotted wood, I re-shingled the roof with standard 3 tab shingles, closely following the manufacturer’s instructions for low-slope roofs:


(Note the next roof repair in the background. New cedar shingles next year.)

Last night saw the first heavy rainfall on the now uncovered shingles as well as the new (and hopefully improved) skylights. Not a drip to be seen… far. 


(Note the new vents, one of which is visible in the photo.)

Needless to say, this all took rather longer than anticipated, but now with the tools tidied away (other than a disgraceful little collection of tar-encrusted tapes, putty-knives, stapler and a hammer or two hidden in a bucket waiting for a kerosene bath and scrub) and the shop dry and warm, it’s time to get on with the fall’s regular work.