Back from Vancouver

After the flurries of preparation, all went off reasonably well. We packed all the binding stuff into Joanne's aging Cutlass Ciera, which had just returned from the fixer with a new battery and redone brakes. The Brakes smelled awful, but they're better now. Plus the heater core is leaking coolant which fogs the passenger side window as well forming a small puddle under the carpet. Fortunately I can see out of my window at least, and the carpet we cover with a rubber mat. Sometimes fixing a car is easy.

The Wayzgoose - a sort of convention and show for small private presses and other book-arts people - is held every other year in the lower level of the Vancouver Public Library. It's open to the public, and a surprising number of people come through the exhibits. We're there with all our new binding equipment - not with any profound hope of making sales, but mostly just to let people know we're there, and to spread the word. 
Everything was well received, though there were some who found it hard to believe that I actually made the various presses and so on. Did they come from Italy? 

At the end of a tiring day spent trimming the edges of a Vancouver phone book, we packed everything back into the aging C.C., picked up son Addi and had a deserved dinner at the Red Door. 
Now i need to write up a pricelist and catalogue of all the stuff and put it up on the site. Tomorrow.