Business Decisions

There's more to this on-line business lark than meets the casual eye. I thought, I suppose, that all one did was make some elegant equipment for binding books, create a website, and sit back and wait for orders. 

Obviously not.

Today's problem is: "How do these (so far hypothetical) customers pay me?". The answer seems to be PayPal, although why anyone would use a service with such a casually ingratiating name ( although it does have certain threatening tone if used as an imperative) is a bit of a puzzle. But of course we use it all the time to buy things, so why not to sell?
Visit to PayPal website.
All very easy, except that there is a 2.9% merchant transaction fee. Quite reasonable but it have been more sensible if I'd figured this out before carefully posting all the prices on this site.
Well, as a certain bear might say, it's time for a little smackerel of something while I puzzle this out. I shall also consult with my financial advisor (Joanne).

Meanwhile there is work to do. A drawing for a display-cabinet to house native regalia in the local High School (GISS) is much overdue. There are also a number of repairs waiting glumly down in the workshop, rather like hospital outpatients in need of a bit of bonesetting. The doctor will be with you as soon as possible.