I've got about an hour before the local bus stops at our driveway to take us down to the ferry. The ferry will then take us to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island, where we can catch a larger ferry to Tsawwassen, where a bus connects to the new SkyTrain Canada line (courtesy of the Olympics), which in turn will drop us off on Cambie where we can connect with the trial Trolley Line which connects the Olympic Village with Granville Island. Friend Rebecca will put us up overnight, and tomorrow morning, quite early, we reverse the journey, except that we end up at the Airport rather than the ferry. Air Canada gives us a lift to Glasgow, and a bus and train should deliver us safely to Edinburgh, where daughter Norah lives and works.

In the woodworking business, this has meant completing projects - mainly the display case and the chair repair discussed in recent posts. Perhaps a couple of photos will be quicker than description, as I'm not really ready to leave, and odd tidying and packing duties remain:

Wksp pan

Panoramic view of shop just before the removal van arrives for the display case.

DSCN4387    DSCN4388

Two views of the completed and installed case


All component pieces of the dining chair


Old mortices and dowel holes routed out and filled. Epoxy glued.


All crumbled and damaged wood routed away on inside faces of both front legs, leaving thin layers of original wood on front and outside face.


New wood epoxied in place ready for new rail joints.


Horizontal boring attachment for Coronet lathe used to drill dowel holes in back rail


Frame re-assembled with four new rails and new corner braces

I am now positively out of time. Next post in April. Och aye.