Current projects

A quick stock-taking of what's up in the shop: 

Chisels: sharpened, ready to go, but need an invoice. What to charge? 1" chisels take longer than quarter inch chisels, so cost more. How much more is more (or less)? Let's say 10.00 for the 1", and 8.00 for the others. There's no particular accountancy science to this, but it seems about right - to me, anyway.
(I wonder sometimes how other woodworkers like myself figure out their  "rates". Ernest Joyce, in his classic book on cabinetmaking, has a very reasonable description of how to run the business side of a small woodworking shop. He discusses how to calculate overheads, material costs, wastage, labour costs (with some leeway for unforeseen circumstances), and then continues with the importance of adding an amount for "profit" (aka "return on investment"). His final words are (remembered) that a small business which does not include a reasonable profit for the owner beyond his/her own wages is not likely to last for long. Much as I admire Mr. J.'s words on almost every aspect of joinery, I think he's wrong here. Somehow we do contrive to stay in business, despite a complete absence of  "profit". If  bills must be paid, food be put on the table,  the car stay on the road and the clothes dryer get spare parts when needed (last week's crisis) - then we go on working. Going "out of business" is not really an option.)

Felicity's Table: Coming along quite well. Today J. took the early ferry to Victoria to see her Mum,and I had an early start. Yesterday the basic underframe was glued up, and today the drawer runners and kickers etc were added:

DSCN4310F. intends to use this mostly as a desk, but it will double as an occasional dining table The wood is sapele. with a nice quartersawn piece for the  top.

The only decoration will be the drawer handles, which involves turning a hollow in the centre of each drawer-front (before assembly) This a procedure not without risk, as we'll see next week. Additionally a simple inlay line is planned for the top.

I should say that Felicity is my eldest daughter, and that the table is a sort of combined birthday/christmas present, although a bit delayed...
I'd like to have this finished by next Tuesday, so that I can start on the paying projects.

High School Display Case: The wood is stacked and ready to go. Plans are approved, a deposit paid, measurements checked, glass estimate obtained. Definitely time. Next week I'd better contact the GISS maintenance staff, as railings and wall panelling will have to be removed. The steel supports for the railings are embedded in concrete, so consultation ahead of time is a good idea. 

Judy C.'s painting repair: This should arrive tomorrow morning. The painting was made on a doorskin, and there's a hole punched through it.

Jim. B.'s Chairs: 2 badly broken Victorian ( I think) dining chairs. This looks tricky.

Another chair: Another broken back from some heavy sitter. Not as difficult as the above, but never think that anything is easy.

Bookbinding Press and other equipment: As soon as all the above is done, and nothing more comes in, then I need to spend a couple of weeks on the big press and some smaller stuff. And of course try out my new giant wood tap.

The next post will complete the sharpening journal entry.