Early start - again.

Tomorrow 10.00 a.m. is the deadline for delivering the press for the show. I think I'll make it, but it's meant a week of long days. I haven't done a work binge like this for some time, and I'm a bit surprised that I'm holding things together without too much stress. Still to do today: second coat oil on lower chest of drawers, finish woodwork on the upper platen, oil the upper screw mechanism and uprights, cross piece and so on. Fortunately the weather's warm, so it can cure quickly, but it's not ideal. Then, if possible, a coat of wax and a polish. I'm still toying with the notion of a quick shellac coat before the waxing.

No time for writing; here's where things were yesterday afternoon, after spending the morning fitting drawers and turning the yew ("yew-wood" seems more correct - some woods will accept the suffix: beech, maybe fir...why?) knobs: