Giving It The Gears, and a nice Orrery.

Inanimate objects are rebelling. First the truck (rusted brake lines, broken leaf spring, leaking main bearing, radiator leak, broken passenger seat, ball joints shot and a rusted hole in the floor pan), then last night the washing machine quietly pumped water over the bathroom floor and hall while we were watching S02E05 of Game of Thrones, which meant a major clean up at 11p.m. The lawnmower won't start, but the grass won't stop, and there's something else as well, but I don't remember what......

Anyway, with the control rods in place it was time to start attaching the decorative objects to be viewed through the Cycloscope/Cycloidoscope:


A bit confusing against the cluttered background, but the general idea is there.


Everything is accomplished by rotating the objects with the control rods, whilst viewing them through the cycloidoscope barrel.

It's now time to make the rosewood knobs for the control rods, and also to work out how to support a rice-paper or silk screen behind the rotating objects. After that it's french-polishing, and possibly giving the steel rods some sort of antiquing patination.

Lastly, here's a picture of a lovely small orrery, spotted by Norah in the Museum of Science in Oxford. Cycloidoscopes are all very well in their way, but Orreries are ...........well, what can one say?

Oxford Orrery