New Week

Sunday night, and I'm thinking about the week ahead. All the repairs are done, including the strange reading chair which now has a steel bolt reinforcing one of the arm supports as well as various hinge re-positionings . The upshot of all this fiddling is that the hidden reading desk no longer swings open when someone coughs too loudly.


Here's daughter Norah, home on Saltspring for a day during a week's flying visit from Edinburgh. She's sitting in the reading chair (minus the arm upholstery which has been removed for surgery) examining a copy of Balzac's Contes Drolatiques (in a privately printed illustrated edition). In the background is the new Lying Press which she has been using to plane strips of paper from the edge of a phone book.

So what does the coming week hold, other than having my remaining teeth cleaned tomorrow at 1.15?
Work-wise only one thing - getting going on a hall table for our friends Barb and Syd, who live in Oak Bay. I went over to West Wind Hardwoods last week and picked up some nice boards of  quarter sawn oak with  a reasonably lively flake figure. Lars told me that it's red oak, though it seems pale and more like white oak, We'll see. Now it's sitting down in the shop, ready to fulfill its woody destiny, etc etc.
I'll try to keep a running journal of progress for this project, starting tomorrow with the full size layout drawings  and rod (an Englishism for full-size  schematic working drawings.)


Joanne's Irish Soda Bread. The kind of treat that makes it all worth while.