Past Imperfect

I had to leave little post-it notes around the shop to remind me to NOT laminate the eighth strip when clamping up the three posts. Before the final strip could be glued on, a 1/2" x 3/8" channel had to be routed in the back for the wire. To forget this would almost be a category III error. No recovery possible, cut up for firewood and burn. Perhaps a cable could be stapled to the outside as a sort of fuck-you gesture to the ocd woodworking crowd, but I'm a bit that way myself. I'd find myself  anxiously centering the cable and making a jig to get the staples exactly aligned. I know I have move on, but not yet, not yet.

Anyway, the tapered strips were laminated, removed from the form, and I had three nicely curved lamp standards with a slightly humpy back surface on the lower straight section. Since I had in fact remembered not to glue up the final strip, I was able to simply run the whole thing over the jointer, rout the back, and glue on the final strip, which nicely covered up the resolved problem. (The "humpiness" was owing to an unevenness in the prepared 2x6 pine board used to plane the taper on the strips (see previous post). Obviously a better method of planing a long and varying taper has to be found other that hopefully nudging the depth of cut wheel on the thicknesser.)


Routing the dado (ploughing the groove)..


Groove cut, lamination #8 glued in place (with waxed wire inside for pull-through). Here the sawn taper is being marked out. This operation went very well. Sometimes work is like the weather.


The sawn taper; note hole left at top for wire etc.

All that's left now is making the base and attachment to ditto.