Resolves Revisited

First Resolution: Make no new resolutions until substantial progress has been made on previous efforts.

SO: Always wear safety glasses; always use dust and vapour protection as needed; work on reducing airborne dust; recognize, with no exceptions, that the phrase "that will do" means precisely the opposite: it emphatically will NOT do (never has, never will); always make written notes of conversations, discussions, etc. with clients either during the chat or immediately afterwards. (This latter becoming increasingly vital with the passage of time). Also, these notes must ONLY be written in the Moleskine weekly planner, not on the pieces of sandpaper or slips of veneer. Label all repairs as they come in with estimates, instructions, dates and other pertinent information.

I think that will do for now. (Hang on....isn't there some sort of resolution about  the phrase "that will do"??) 

Off to the shop - a batch of much abused chisels from the Middle School still need to be finished. Perhaps this will be a good opportunity to post a guide to sharpening procedures; sharpening is something that can easily be made quite unnecessarily complex. Simple is good.