The Nose Is Back to the Grindstone

It's all been too much fun, hopping over to the Vancouver Wayzgoose to show off a bit, and putting together a website - surely the purest form of Vanity Publishing yet created. Also  the pleasure of working on something new in the shop - new in the sense that it wasn't something to sit on, eat on, keep stuff in or on, or put stuff in or on. (Or walk through, climb on or look through).
So as usual it's back to repairs, which are a useful little quick cash crop to harvest around the larger and slower-growing plants.

Today it's a re-glue and stiffening up of a not-very-distinguished set of dining chairs. One tried to escape the rubber-mallet treatment and had to be forcibly restrained:


That odd little padded chair in the background is next in line. It's quite an old reading chair - you sit backwards on it with your legs astride the back support. More later on this, but it's an unusual chair in that it's also  full of secret compartments. I have hopes of discovering one or two new ones artfully concealed among the decorative carving, possibly last used to hide a diamond and emerald brooch..............

This could be a Scruples scenario:

You are a furniture restorer. While repairing an antique library chair you find a hidden drawer. In the drawer is a diamond and emerald brooch. Do you:
a. Immediately telephone the owner of the chair.
b. Take the brooch to be valued and subsequently sell it.
c. Put it back in the drawer and say nothing.