The view from the shop door on Saturday morning:


F.'s completed table is visible in the background, with a second coat of Tung oil just applied. In the foreground is a landscape painting by Judy C.. which is owned by someone who failed to crate it during a move. Ironically it was damaged by an errant moose antler, which pierced the plywood ground in two places:

   DSCN4332   DSCN4331

(Yes, there are also moose antlers visible in the picture).

My part of the repair is to fill the holes, along with other minor dings and dents while disturbing the original surface as little as possible. I thought of simply drilling out two seven-eighth holes and filling them with a plywood plug, but opted instead for the less intrusive triangles shown here:

DSCN4334   DSCN4335

After this, a little filler and some feathering were needed to make the plugs invisible and flush. Now it's up to the skill of the original artist to re-paint the missing sections..........

While all this was setting and curing, I finished off the drawer handles for F.'s table:

DSCN4330   DSCN4341
The shaped wenge handle is ready to glue in place.                 The finished drawer front and handle.

With these projects out of the way, it's time to move on to the large display cabinet, of which more later. This move has been delayed by last night's wind-storm, which left our stretch of the Fulford-Ganges Road without hydro (our local name for electric power) for most of today (Monday). 

Time for an evening cup of tea, and Match of the Day (from last Saturday, with Manchester & Chelsea)