"When you're lying awake......"

"......with a dismal headache, And your repose is tabooed by anxiety..." pretty much describes the 4 a.m. state of mind this morning. Should I  go the quick and dirty biscuit-joint route for the rebated frame on the no-door side of the display cabinet? On the other hand cutting  tenons with off-set shoulders is another of the great time-gobblers, especially on very long (8') rails. 
Then there's just all the stuff that seeps through the  semi-permeable membrane of consciousness in the small hours: do we need medical coverage for our trip to Scotland? ( I see myself lying in an NHS bed, with the meter ticking away). Is it reasonable to have only forty-five minutes to change planes in Chicago? If I'd made a sensible job of my twenties, would I now have a decent pension, an ocean view, and a rewarding hobby (perhaps woodworking)? Will I finish the Double Bass before....? Enough.
Doing my Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword this morning in bed with a cup of tea, I came to the conclusion that the only possible answer to 10 down was "Nature Strip" ( "Grass has groups of characteristics leading to drug-induced experience (6,5)").  "Nature Strip" is not a phrase I know....Google to the rescue...it's just a strip of grass between a house and the road (Australian usage). This led me to a charmingly hopeless Australian blog (http://kateca.wordpress.com) with which I felt a sudden kinship. I'll only say it has to do with slightly doomed tasks performed in virtual anonymity (but not quite), has to do with wood (in the form of trees), and has a picture of a nature strip ("Nature's Trip" for crossworders).

Off to work.. mortice and tenon or biscuits?.......hmmm.