I've had love affairs with several types of chair design. Early on I made many sets of ladderback chairs, which were much influenced by American Shaker furniture as well as the work and designs of Phillip Clissett, Ernest Gimson and the English Cotswold, rush-bottomed chairs of the late nineteenth century.

Ladderback chairs are one of the simpler designs to produce, although a lot of repetitive turning is required. Along with Windsors, they are the quintessential country chair, but when carefully proportioned can also look very well in more formal settings

I then went on to make a variety of Windsor chairs, again mostly based on English models. Later on I borrowed Windsor elements for non-traditional purposes.

The pictures here do include some more contemporary designs. Unlike most furniture designing, with chairs what you draw is often not what you get. Adding a third dimension is, frankly, a bit of a gamble.